About us

Ali Partnership is an international company with operations worldwide and has developed the first plugin AliExpress Affiliate.

Our main goal is to help affiliates around the world to work and help them make money with affiliate program Aliexpress

Why choose the affiliate program AliExpress?

World's largest merchant offers its affiliates:

  1. Large commissions on millions of products
  2. 8% average commission and sales of about $140 - half
  3. commissions, monthly bonus and incentives.
  4. Constant help and support to its members.

As the business ecommerce world's largest, AliExpress has a really extensive catalog, which it implies spend much time to manually select products for their own store.
further, Very few people have experience working with AliExpress - your own affiliate program is relatively new. But we have a great solution for these two problems.

Why AliPlugin is the perfect tool for affiliate program AliExpress?

  1. It is fully compatible with WordPress. WordPress is the platform for creating websites best known and used worldwide.
  2. Will allow you to customize online stores in just a few minutes even but has some experience
  3. Select products according to the parameters entered to easily upload them to your store and will address update.

A picture is worth a thousand words, test the plugin now its first store in AliExpress - and see for yourself!