Using the Selective Import option

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You can also select the products you want to import before you download them to your store. Go to l AliPlugin Pro menu and choose ImportWith ProductOs, before these make sure you have installed the extension AliPluginPRO extension Chrome. This extension can only be used with the Google Chrome browser. Also you need to have page open on your Chrome browser showing some products.

In the section ImportWith ProductOsof AliPlugin Pro Select Import selective.

Special filters allow you to adjust the product search. parameters: Price, Purchase volume are optional Reviews. If you want to import all products in one category you can leave the field blank Keywords. Note that if you want the products are automatically published on your page, choose 'Publish’ in the 'Send to'.

Press Youlicar filters to search. the list of products is displayed with images and titles.

You can select one by one those products you'd like to import and press import Selected to lower the selected.

You can also use the button Anadir product to import the products one to one.

Once added products to your store can edit, delete, or check them in the Products section of your administration panel Word Press. You can also change your status to Draft to review them in good time before marcarlos as published and displayed in your store.