Using Bulk Import

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You can use the menu bulk import, within the menu import products in your menu Aliplugin Pro to download products massively.

Before that make sure there is properly installed extension AliPluginPRO extensionin your Chrome browser. This extension can only be used with the Google Chrome browser.

To import products massively go to the menu ImportWith ProductOswithin AliPlugin Pro menu and choose Import massive.

Follow these steps to massively import products:

Select the product category you want. If you do not want a particular or do not know you can leave the default 'All categories’


1. Enter the keywords you want to search, preferably in English: mobile, tv, radio, mp2, kayak, drone…

2. If you want to refine the search can be filtered by the following:

  • Price $ (from to)
  • Purchase volume (since – until)
  • Views (from to)

3. Press the button apply Filter

4. Type the number of products you want to import into your page. On this field you will see the number of products that the program has found, This will be the maximum number of products to be imported. The minimum number are 20 products.

5. Select the category where you want to import these products. Note that you must first have created the category, To do remember to enter the menu and within this product Categories and select Create new category.

6. If you wish you can import these products as Draft time to review them and go publishing only those who want. By default the import status will Published, so if you do not change the imported products will be automatically displayed on your page.

7.Click on the button ImportWith.

  • After the import you will see on the left side of the screen links AliExpress products to be imported begins.
  • Once the import is complete the progress bar will show 100%.