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How to get started with AliExpress

Paso 1:

VisitPortals AliExpress

(Unfortunately the page is only in English)

Upon entering Portals you will be redirected to AliExpress where you must register and fill all your data, for it must enter 'Create Your Account', if it is not already registered as a member of Aliexpress.

Please fill inProfile Information. Note that you must indicate your web, which will be reviewed to see if you qualify, We recommend than an empty web or blank, it is best to buy before the plugin and go setting your store while waiting for the request. Do not worry if you are denied the request because it is almost always accepted and in the worst case you can ask the refund payment and nullify your purchase restoring your payment. Besides all purchases are guaranteed externally by PayPal, Should not you the plugin for whatever reason can claim back payment works equally.

Paso 2:

Click on the tab 'Ad Center ‘ and go sectionAPI Settings.

Click on Apply Nowto apply to get the API Key.

Please, Please note that your application should be approved manually by AliExpress, This process usually takes about a 10 Work days. Once approved the application will send an email with notification. You can go logging into your account and go checking if already appears API Key within the menu API Settings.

Once approved your account must create your Tracking IDTo do this go to the section Settings and select Tracking ID.

Enter the name you want on the field Create a new Tracking ID and press Submit.

You can create up 50 Tracking IDs for each affiliate account.

Paso 3:

Use your API Key Y Tracking ID to set up your AliPlugin Pro.

Go to your wp-admin and there go to the menu Aliplugin Pro, go to settings and then fill in the details with your API Key Y Tracking ID and do not forget to save your changes.

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